Markers – Free Verse

A rainbow of colors yet all are dull.

Rounded down, smeared,


Thick and childlike, somehow still satisfying.

Gross looking

Yet beautiful.


Happiness lights up

My soul.

A throwback to childhood,

Which continues through high school.

Relief from homework,

Excitement to color in class.

Young feelings seep through

My bones.

Creating artwork on a blank canvas.


Once finished,

It isn’t exactly what was wanted.

Content with a wasted hour,

Disgust for the black smeared on my hand.

No matter how hard I scrub,

The dull rainbow of colors don’t fade.


I wrote this poem during my Creative Writing class. I was inspired by the bucket of markers sitting in the middle of our desks throughout the period. When I first arrived to the class at the beginning of the period, I was struck with excitement knowing we would be personalizing our composition notebooks. However, I quickly found out that we would have to wait yet another day. Inspired, I whipped up a poem of how it felt knowing I would get to color and continued the poem with an imaginary ending to the class period where we got to be artsy.


Cover Photo Credit: Pixabay


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