Technology – Free Verse

A beautiful day

I waste away inside.

I tell myself

It’s because I must work!

But in all honesty

I am too lazy to leave the couch.

I sit inside

To browse the Internet.

But I have no real connection

With the outside world.

I could not share

The biggest news pieces.

Not even the weather forecast.

I sit inside and enjoy

Myself tucked away in a dark room.


I wrote this poem over the weekend while my friends were talking about hanging out and I sat at home watching YouTube. I had to work at 2 p.m. and wasn’t interested in doing anything until I had to work. I was hit by the realization that I was sitting inside, essentially doing nothing, while it was 80 degrees out. A gorgeous day that had already passed by the time I had noticed slipped through my fingers like nothing. I wished that I had at least stepped outside to enjoy the feeling of the sun on my face and the slight breeze.


Cover Photo Credit: Pixabay


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