Your Smile – Free Verse

My pain you will never know

For my life is like hell

And no will know what it’s like

To be left out, so many times.


No one can understand what it is like

To be so mistreated

And cry through the night

With pain and fright.


Some days, I want to die

Others I want to hide

But the thing that kept me going

Was your smile.


I knew that it would be hard

And you would never look my way

But I looked forward every day to see you

No matter what pain I endure.


I know that there is a chance to survive

If only I could have you

To stand by me everyday

No matter what I have to deal with.


Because of you I have the strength to continue

Because of you I approach the future

Because of you I am finally happy.


Which is why I thank you

For helping me

Not that you knew

It was all unknown, but it saved me.


Thank you.


Today, I did not write a poem, but I did want to share a poem I wrote in May 2013.  I wrote this in middle school during what I consider to be the most difficult time in my life. I was being bullied, and this poem was a way to express my feelings without anyone else knowing them. This poem was never addressed to one person in particular, instead, I wrote to all of the random people who would smile at me or nod their head at me in acknowledgment in the hallways at school. Those small actions helped me persevere through that time in my life and shaped me into the person I am today. Although this poem is from over 3 years ago, I believe that this work, written by a then 14-year-old, is probably the most emotional and deep writing I’ve done so far.


Cover Photo Credit: Michelle Jacobs Photography


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