Break – Free Verse

Coming back after a break

is almost more stressful than starting school.

Did I have any previous work due?

Was there a quiz?

When is the next break?

Teachers are leisurely towards the beginning of a break

but once you come back,

they are even more hard-hitting.

Don’t they know I have a life?

Along with school I have my

extra curricular activities

job and family

and my love life.

I don’t have time to contribute to everything.

Can’t us kids just get a break?


I wrote this poem because today was the first day back after a three day weekend: Labor Day weekend. Along with most of my peers, I felt lethargic and unmotivated to get work done. Still, teachers continued to pile on course work. I wrote this poem just as unmotivated as I was to go to school this morning.


Cover Photo Credit: Pixabay


1 Comment

  1. I can totally understand where you’re coming from. As a teacher, I feel the pressure from above to pile on work. My hope is that the entire system of education will change in the coming years. I personally believe that as a society addicted to stress and it is very unhealthy. We need to teach young people how to take care of themselves and note be stressed. Easier said than done.


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