My Scar

The poem below is very personal to me, and difficult for me to share as it touches on the hardest times in my life without being too detailed.

My scar never seemed to stop growing.

My scar started at my toes when my only friend in kindergarten moved away.

My scar spread to my ankles and knees when my cat passed away while I was at school.

My scar grew again, this time up to my waist from being the outcast who never made any friends in elementary.

My scar reached my ribs when I had a falling out with my only friend in the 6th grade.

My scar threatened to choke me, and almost succeeded, when my classmates became shunning and physical.

My scar was as big as me and ready to swallow me whole, and oh, how I wanted it to.

My scar was partially healed by my first boyfriend, at the end of 7th grade.

My scar gained strength 8 months later when he dumped me over text.

My scar slowly grew towards my heart and brain again, threatening to take action.

My scar was forced back to my pinky toe when I entered high school and met so many accepting upperclassmen.

My scar drew me into a shell of myself when I wasn’t accepted into a choir I was positive I’d make with ease.

This time, my scar was erased by me finally accepting myself.


Cover Photo Credit: Pixabay



  1. It is almost as though the scar was a water line, creating an ocean threatening to drown the speaker. Thank you for sharing.

    I can relate to this feeling- the ebbs and flows of life– the difficulties that threaten to pull us under. I really appreciated the positive ending.


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