Types of Poetry #4: Carpe Diem, Quatrain, Found, List

I continued to learn about different types of poetry, including carpe diem, quatrain

The first type is a carpe diem poem. Carpe Diem means to “seize the day,” or live while you still can. Therefore, it usually has a happier theme. There is no type of particular form for a carpe diem poem, so the easiest type to write is free verse. The most difficult would be to write a Shakespearean sonnet style. I will write an example for both.

Free Verse Carpe Diem:

Seize the day!

Enjoy the sunrise and the sound of the birds.

Enjoy the smell of early morning coffee while sitting outside.

Enjoy the conversations and interactions with people, familiar and new.

Enjoy the meals prepared and love received.

Enjoy the cooling evening and the setting sun.

Enjoy the start of dusk and crawling into a warm bed.

Enjoy the moment of falling into sleep and the dreams that follow.

Enjoy them until you no longer can.

Enjoy every experience and second.

Seize the day!


Shakespearean Sonnet Carpe Diem:

Seize the day like never before

As though it is your last.

Enjoy it all the way down to your core

Ignore anything that might be overcast.


Explore the world as you like

Perhaps you’ll travel to Vietnam.

Your day could be dreamlike

Or perhaps it is simply calm.


Make the day shine with music

and grand with what you have planned.

Why not make it exclusive

And make your own demands?


Seize the day

And have your own getaway.


Quatrain poems are poems consisting of four lines, where the second and fourth rhyme and also have a similar amount of syllables. There is no other requirement for this type of poetry, so just enjoy it!


The days spent together are magical

Everyday our interaction makes me happy

It’s like we are in a childlike wonderland

And I know that makes me sound very sappy


The next type of poetry is found poetry. Found poetry is simply taking preexisting poetry and adding or subtracting from the text to make something new. Here is an example of Lis Griffin’s poem that I have edited.


Photo Credit: Megan Johansen

The last type of poetry I learned about for this post was list poetry. A list poem can be rhyming or unrhyming, and as long as you like. There is no structure to it, and these poems are typically funny.

Shopping List Example:

I went to the store to get things I need to buy

So that I don’t die.

I bought oranges, grapes, and apples.

I helped my self to a mulititude of samples.

I got distracted by the TV channels.

They were having a sale on Snapple.

I bought ample.

That is just an example.

Oh, why did I buy so much

That I emptied out my clutch?


Cover Photo Credit: Pixabay


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