Types of Poetry #6: My Experience Thus Far

Starting my blog, I thought writing a poem a day would be easy. For the most part, I can whip out an average poem in about 5 minutes with no revisions. However even just a week into this blog, I found myself slowing down. It was as though I was running out of steam for inspiration as well as simply the want to write. How could I feel inspired to write, when I had nothing to write about? It was hard to sit down at ten o’clock at night and tell myself to write something. At this point, I was beginning to regret my choice in blog topic.

About a month in, I began looking around WordPress more. I checked out other people’s blogs, and came across a blog called Daily Post. This blog posted daily writing prompts, weekly photography prompts, etc. As I began exploring, I felt more and more motivated. These prompts were giving me the inspiration that I needed. Although it was just one word, I had something to give direction to my poems. I felt ready to write, and even became more confident in my own poetry.

Another thing that inspires me is the response I get from other writers. Getting feedback and input on my poetry not only helps me to improve but also inspires me to write more.

Now, each day I look forward to seeing the daily prompt and letting it inspire me. Although I only am required to write this blog through the semester of this class, I am excited to continue on this project even after the required date.

Cover Photo Credit: Pixabay.com


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  1. The Daily Prompt is great. I don’t use it every day, but I always look at it in the morning to see if it stirs up anything. It’s amazing where one word can take your mind!

    I’m glad to hear that you’ll keep blogging after your project is complete. Ice been enjoying your writing.

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