Types of Poetry #7: Heartbreaking Change

This week, my community experienced the tragic killings of two police officers. In response to this, I felt the best way I could express myself was through poetry directed at both the officers, as well as the daughter-who is being bullied online-of the shooter. While I have not had a conversation with any of the people immediately affected by the shooting, I feel the emotion of death and loneliness in a way I have never before. Please take time to remember the officers and wish the best to all of the families effected.

To the officers:

Thank you for all you have done.

While your time has been cut short,

Your impact on lives has not.

We thank you

For the life you risked

For the fear you hid away

For the safety you insured in our hearts

For the protection that was and is always there

For the families you helped

For the beautiful memories you have made

For the sacrifices you made

To keep us all safe.

Thank you for all you have done.


To the daughter:

We love you so much

It’s not your fault.

We’re here for you

Without default.

Push their words aside

You’re being so strong.

What they say is disgusting

And they are wrong.

They can’t see past their own opinions

But you are a victim, too.

Majority is there to give comfort

But some are stuck on their own views.

Although it is wrong and unfair

Your heart may be shoved.

Just remember, you are not hated

You are loved.



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