Types of Poetry #8: As the Seasons Change


The ground thaws

And the children dress for summer.

They wear shorts with flaws

And as it is still not warm, they shudder.

But the excitement of spring

Is felt through the air.

Because they know that it brings

Putting out of lawn chairs.

The itching feeling grows more

As school seems to never end.

Craving to get out to the shore

Where they spend all day with friends.



The swealtering weather

We welcome with open arms.

Because we spend each day together

Enjoying everyday without setting alarms.

This time we never want to end

For it is complete and utter freedom.

For a while there is no school to attend

Where we don’t have to feel dumb.

Playing the day away

In the insane heat waves.

At first things were happy and gay

But now to the weather we are slaves.



The girls are ecstatic

To be able to pull out the jeans.

The boys are anti-dramatic

And continue to dress like summer teens.

The introduction of new drinks at Starbucks

And Black Friday deals to add to the celebration.

Everyone is more than willing to shell out extra bucks

All across the entire nation.

It’s still warm enough for a dress now and then

And cute pumpkin patch dates.

Couples are immersed in glorious zen

And it seems they can’t wait to strap on skates.



Snow flitters in the air

Like magical sparkles to set the mood.

Children gather around fireplace flares

Eating cute homemade food.

Enjoying one another’s company throughout the season

Snuggling to keep warm in the frigid cold.

Celebrating the holidays preseason

Never seems to get old.

The colder it gets the more they look forward

To the season change.

It’s already Febuary and they look for more

Being stuck inside all day they feel a bit deranged.


This post was the progressive feelings most people experience throughout the year with each season change.

Cover Photo Credit: freedigitalphotos.net


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