Monstrous Love – A Short Story: Chapter One

Monstrous Love

Chapter One – Shay

          The start of a new year, the last for my high school career. I walk into school, waving at friends as I pass by. Maneuvering through the masses to get to my locker, I’m almost plowed over as Elizabeth, my best friend, comes crashing into me.

          “Dude!” She exclaims, barely giving me time to regain my balance before continuing. “There are two transfer boys this year and apparently they are smokin’!”

          “My grade or yours?” I ask, inquisitive about whether or not I’d actually ever come in contact with this ‘fresh meat.’

          “I think they’re seniors. Why is that there never seem to be any new junior boys? I want a hunk in my grade to magically show up since older boys don’t care for sixteen year olds,” Elizabeth whines. I laugh, arriving at my locker and placing extra notebooks and scratch paper inside.

          “Maybe these guys will be nice and different than the others here?” I say, slamming my locker shut and heading to first hour. Already having memorized each other’s schedule, we both walk towards the science pod. I have physics with Ms. Tork while Elizabeth has AP chemistry with Mr. Felix.

          “Whatever, I’m over it,” Elizabeth huffs. “We probably wouldn’t even see them unless they were jocks. I mean we’re so busy with cheerleading that it’d be almost impossible trying to pile anything else on top of that.” Simply nodding in agreement and promising to meet her for lunch, we part ways into our respective classrooms. Not ten minutes into the class the loudspeaker crackles before someone begins speaking.

          “Pardon the interruption, would Shay Lanington please come to the office. Shay Lanington to the office, please,” the voice repeats before the speaker turns back off. Quickly gathering my belongings, I head down the hallway to the office, opening the heavy door to see Mr. Norton facing me with two boys standing in front of him.

          “Ah, Miss Lanington! Pleasure to see you as always. Let me introduce you to these two fine gentlemen.” The newcomers turn around as Mr. Norton speaks, allowing me to get a good look at the both of them.

          Gesturing to the one on my right, Mr. Norton begins, “This is Jaxon, he is a senior and just joined the football team as one of the wide receivers.” Taking his persona in, I notice Jaxon has striking, icy blue eyes that sharply contrast his dark brown hair. He has light skin, with slight freckles sprawling across the bridge of his nose.

          “And this,” Mr. Norton draws my attention from Jaxon to the other boy, “This is Leo, also a senior and the new running back.” Leo looks me dead in the eye, a smirking playing across his face. Contrasting to Jaxon, he has light blonde hair with darker blonde roots and blue eyes that are so light they look like a mix of grey and white. He also has a slightly darker skin tone in comparison, but both are relatively tall, appearing to be just under six feet.

          “I’m asking you to show them around school for the day. As one of our top students, I have absolutely no worries about you getting caught up in your classes. Also, because you are cheer captain and these two gentlemen are on the football team, it’d be good for them to get to know someone they will see frequently.” Mr. Norton smiles, patting the boys on the shoulder.

          Since when do new kids get personal escorts? I think to myself. Still, I nod and ask the boys for their schedules. Looking at their paper, I notice my job becoming easier, as they both follow the same class order.

          “I’ve already emailed all of your teachers, Shay, to let them know you won’t be attending class. And, I’ve emailed Leo and Jaxon’s teachers as well to inform them you will be tailing them all day.”

          “Sounds good, Mr. Norton!” I exclaim, painting a large smile onto my face. “Is it alright if we head to first hour then?”

          “Oh goodness, yes! Quickly take them to their lockers first, so that they can drop off anything they don’t want to carry around all day.” Mr. Norton starts shooing us out of the office and down the hallway.

          “Um, I’m Shay Lanington,” I say, introducing myself since Mr. Norton had neglected to. “I’m a senior and as you probably know by now, I’m cheer captain of the varsity squad.” Jaxon says nothing in response, staring straight ahead while Leo gives me another smirk as we walk down the hallway towards the locker bays.


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