Monstrous Love – A Short Story: Chapter Two

Monstrous Love

Chapter Two – Leo

          “Alright, Jaxon your locker is on the other side of the row. Leo, yours is right here,” Shay stops, pointing at a locker. “Actually, the one to the left of yours is mine, Leo.”

          “Thanks,” Jaxon mumbles, walking to the other side and opening his locker up.

          “So, Shay,” I speak, my low voice rumbling. “What’s school like here?” I don’t bother opening my locker, everything I need is already in my bag.

          “Fine?” she shrugs, leaning her back against her locker. “I’ve only ever lived here, so I don’t really have any basis. But the work here is fine, and I’m mostly focused on cheer so I don’t do much else.”

          Jaxon comes back around the corner, and Shay pushes herself off the locker. “Okay, let’s get going. Your first hour is Government with Mrs. Ray.” She heads upstairs, with Jaxon and me following close behind. We enter the classroom and take a seat in the back, Shay to my right and Jaxon to my left. The class passes quickly, and before I know it, we’ve made it to lunch.

          “Um, I’ve already made plans to meet my friend for lunch, so you guys might just have to trail behind,” Shay says, scratching her neck awkwardly. Before Jaxon or I can respond, a ball of energy barrels into Shay.

          “Oh. My. God. Shay. I cannot handle this. I’m so bored. I hate being a junior because none of my friends are in my grade,” the girl whines, only managing to stay upright by the grip Shay has on her.

          “I’m Leo, and this is Jaxon.” I interrupt the girl by making our presence known. She freezes and pulls herself up to a normal position.

          “Hi! I’m Elizabeth. I’m Shay’s best friend,” she smiles, before turning around to face Shay, “Oh my God! Why didn’t you warn me? I just made a fool of myself in front of these guys,” I hear her whisper to Shay.

          “Are you a cheerleader too?” Jaxon speaks, surprising even myself. He normally just follows me wherever, and keeps quiet.

          “Ah, yes!” Elizabeth exclaims, turning back around and noticeably becomes flustered as she looks at Jaxon.

          Smirking, I pull Jaxon’s arm, making him come closer to me. Leaning in and whispering in his ear, I say “I call dibs on Shay.”

          “Fine by me,” he responds, and hesitates a second, “I get Elizabeth then.” I feel a large grin encompassing my face.

          “So, ladies, shall we go to lunch?” I ask, gesturing for the two to lead the way. After an uneventful lunch, we part from Elizabeth and the rest of school flies by. At the end of the day, Shay offers to show us around town.

          “I don’t have cheer practice tonight, so it works the best for me.”

          Catching Jaxon’s eye and immediately sharing the same thoughts, I respond, “Sounds good, but Jaxon and I need to run home for a bit first. Let’s meet back at the front of the school in about two hours or so. Does that work for you?”

          “Ah! Sure, that’s totally fine. I might bring Elizabeth with me too, if that’s alright,” Shay asks. I don’t bother responding as Jaxon’s incessant nodding answers that question quickly. She let’s a small giggle slip, before composing herself and waving goodbye. Jaxon and I begin walking out of the parking lot, towards our house which is nearby.

          Setting our stuff down at our shared house, I grin, “Let’s eat.”

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