Monstrous Love – A Short Story: Chapter Three

Monstrous Love

Chapter Three – Shay

          I get home, to find my mom’s car in the driveway, but seemingly no one in the house. “Mom?” I call out, continuing to look for her.

          “In the basement, honey!” A muffled reply comes up from downstairs.

          “Is dinner ready?” I ask as I make my way downstairs, “I’m starving.” My eyes adjust to the light in the basement, and I make direct eye contact with a girl who looks my age and exactly like me. The only difference between the two of us, is that I’m standing at the base of the stairs and she’s handcuffed to a pole with a gag in her mouth.

          “Go ahead and eat. I got some fresh meat in the corner,” my mom says, motioning to a cage holding a terrified couple.

          “It’s still weird,” I speak, heading over to the cage, “having the same face and body as someone, I mean. Pretending to be an age I’m not, and keeping someone trapped in their own basement as we live their life.” I open the cage, the door creaking slightly as it opens. The muffled cries get louder as I grab the man, pulling him out. He looks at me with terrified eyes as I begin shifting.

          I fully shift, my mouth opening wide as it takes over my entire face. I feel my jagged teeth extend from my mouth as my tongue splits to be forked. I lean forward, ripping into my meal, until nothing was left. The screams of the man, are almost animalistic as he watches from the cage.

          I do have to say, we picked a great spot to live this time. The house is on the edge of town, next to the lake. It’s far enough from the other houses that no one can hear screaming, and few people come out this far to swim because of the eerie forest surrounding this part of the lake.

          “Like I like it any better than you,” I shift back to my ‘normal’ form, “I only do it to survive unlike some people.” I look pointedly at my ‘mother.’

          “What?” She argues, “If I’m going to have to eat, I might as well enjoy it!”

          “Whatever,” I sigh, “I’m going upstairs to do homework. I’ll be going out later with Elizabeth to show some new kids around, too.”

          “I don’t understand why you’re so attached to that Human! You’re a Leviathan, a monster that eats Humans. You know that eventually the secret will be exposed.”

          Shutting the door to the basement behind me, I yell back, “I’ve been fine for the past three years. What could possibly go wrong in this one?”


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