Monstrous Love – A Short Story: Chapter Four

Monstrous Love

Chapter Four – Leo

          Jaxon and I raced around the edge of the lake. “I’m totally going to beat you,” I smirk.

          “Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you’re better,” Jaxon grins, suddenly picking up speed and practically flying past me.

          “Hey! That’s not fair! My body is heavier anyway!” I groan as he beats me to the edge of the lake nearest the forest. I drop the body from my arms, it’s dead weight crashing onto the ground.

          “Not my fault you wanted to eat the first person you saw,” Jaxon scoffs.

          “I just wanted to get that Human food out of my mouth. I can deal with not feeding for a while, but forcing myself to eat that disgusting food leaves a terrible taste in my mouth. Anyway, let’s just dump these girls somewhere and get cleaned up. Shay and Eliza are meeting us soon,” I drop the body, ignorant to the closeness of a house partially hidden in the trees.

          “It’s ElizaBETH,” Jaxon hisses glaring at me. “Glad to see you only care about what interests you, as always.” He follows suit and drops the girl, “let’s just go; race you back.”

          With that, we take off from the shore of the lake, leaving the bodies of two girls drained of blood for someone else to find. We arrived at our shared house-neither of us had parents anymore so it was easier to live in the same place-and got dressed in new clothes.

          “Let’s head to the school,” I say, pulling a black jacket over my blue shirt and hiking my sagging, ripped jeans up. Jaxon’s wearing a long sleeve camo shirt with cargo pants and a snapback backwards.

          “Dressing to impress I see,” I smirk. He ignores me and heads out; I quickly catch up to his stride, before settling in just a step ahead of him. Although we are both equal as a pair in strength and brains, I have always had more of an authoritative personality. Jaxon has just always been willing to follow, and as narcissistic as I seem, I’m actually quite thankful to have him as my best friend and hunting partner.

          After about fifteen minutes, we arrived at the school to see that only Elizabeth was present even though it was already about 5:30. The reason we postponed our little rendezvous was because Jaxon and I needed to feed, so why is Shay late? I couldn’t help thinking to myself.

          “Hey!” Elizabeth hopped off her seat on top of a table. “I talked to Shay earlier and she said she might be a bit late. Apparently something is going down near her house. I don’t really know the details.” Before she could continue, she was interrupted by her cell phone ringing. “Ah, that must be her!”

          Using our enhanced hearing, Jaxon and I listened in on both sides of the conversation.

          “Shay! When will you get here?”

          “I can’t come, two girls were murdered. And because my dad’s a cop he doesn’t want me out and about. He’s worried something will happen, but I can protect myself!”

          “That’s stupid! Besides we’ll be with Jaxon and Leo, so we’d be fine!”

          “Trust me, I know. Anyway, I don’t have a choice. I guess you can show the guys around, or we can try to find another time. I feel badly.”

          “Lemme ask them real quick,” Elizabeth turns to us. “Hey, do you guys mind postponing this to another time? It’s no good for Shay.”

          “I’m fine with it. I might just ask her to show me around later. I want to get settled into my house first. Jaxon on the other hand is free tonight. Maybe you show just him around?” I suggest, nudging Jaxon closer towards the alreading blushing girl.

          “O-oh! Yeah, I’m totally fine with that! I’m free for sure. Free as a bird, nothing going on at all. Totally down for it, not a problem-o,” Elizabeth stutters out, before turning back to her phone. “Shay? I’m showing Jaxon around tonight, so you have to show Leo around later.”

          “Ah, yeah that’s fine.” I hear Shay trail off, and my heart can’t help but drop a little. “Tell them sorry again for me. I really wish I could be there, but I gotta go. Tell Leo I look forward to showing him around! Bye!”

          The phone clicks off and I feel my ego soar. Getting a grip of myself, I smile and turn to Jaxon. “See ya later, dude,” I spin on my heel, heading back home, listening to Jaxon and Elizabeth’s conversation for the first few minutes as I go, the smile never leaving my face.


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