Monstrous Love – A Short Story: Chapter Five

Monstrous Love

Chapter Five – Shay

          “David, what are we going to do?” I ask the man in front of me. David, who plays the role of my Human father, is a lieutenant at the Carol Police Department. With Julie, who plays my Human mother, we all are stuck in a very dangerous position.

          “The investigation is taking place practically in our front yard, I don’t think we can keep our ‘friends’ downstairs alive now. If one were to escape now or be too loud, we could be caught,” David says, pulling at his greying hair.

          “If we kill them, we can’t continue using their DNA to make ourselves look as though we’re aging!” Julie argues.

          “After a while, we’re just going to have to move again. If we’re caught here, we’re dead,” David explains.

          “Doesn’t that mean we can’t feed for a while, too?” I ask, worry hitting me like a truck. If we can’t feed on a regular schedule in the seclusion of our home, our process is ruined. Feeding is actually suprisingly loud and can be a relatively messy task.

          “For now, at least, I think the answer is yes. Be careful at the school, don’t ingest Human food, as it’s not very good for our system. Especially now that we can’t flush it out with actual Humans,” David warns. “Try to act completely normal, we’re going to be around constant surveillance. While it is not directed at us because I’m part of the department, the police will be around much more often.”

          Choosing to go up to my room and sleep, I make my way to my-or the real Shay’s-room. Collapsing onto the comfortable bed, I shut my eyes, willing for sleep to grace my presence.

          The calming alarm playing from my phone pulls me out of my light sleep. I dress quickly, gathering my bag before heading out. I ignore the police tape outlining the area a few meters away from my house out in the open. While my house is relatively unnoticeable in the area, the addition of the police changes that.

          After my twenty minute walk to school, I make my way to my locker. Getting sympathetic looks from friends, especially those who knew how close this hit to home. Arriving at my locker, I’m surprised to see not just Elizabeth leaning against my locker, but Jaxon standing in front of her and Leo leaning against his own.

          “Hey, guys,” I grunt as Elizabeth rams her body into mine before encompassing me in a hug, practically squeezing the life out of me.

          “Oh. My. God. How are you? Your dad actually let you come to school today? Is he secretly tailing you to make sure you’re safe?” Elizabeth looks around frantically.

          Laughing, I detach myself from her death grip, “Elizabeth, I’m fine. Just treat today like normal, I don’t want things to be weird. Or weirder anyway, since you’re already here.” She huffs in response, leaving my side in favor of going next to Jaxon and interlocking her arm with his.

          “Whatever. We’re going to class. See you at lunch,” Elizabeth sticks her tongue out before dragging Jaxon away to her science class, which happens to be one of the furthest classrooms from the government classrooms.

          Chuckling softly, I turn back to my locker, opening it up.“So, Leo, you have your first football game this weekend, right?”

          “Yup. Coach sent Jaxon and I the drills to learn prior to the first day so we’d actually be able to contribute somewhat to the team. We have practice every day after school now, until Friday,” he responds, tilting his head down to look at me.

          “Guess that means you’ll have to wait a bit to learn the layout of the town. Especially since I have cheer practice in the evenings.” I close my locker, hoisting my bag up over my shoulder. I move to head the direction of the science wing, and am surprised when I see Leo accompanying me. “Leo, you know your class is in the opposite direction, right?”

          “Obviously, but I wanted to talk to you a bit longer,” he smiles, showing off his practically flawless pearly whites.

          “Oh, well, what do you want to talk about?” I inwardly cringe at how incredibly awkward I am.

          “Well, we’re almost out of time seeing as we’re almost at your class. But for now, I just want to say this: I’ve lost my number, so can I have yours?” Leo grins cheekily, holding his phone out for me.

          I feel the heat in my face spreading and most likely turning me into a tomato. “Did you seriously just use a pick-up line on me?” I ask, baffled. Instead of responding, he only shakes his phone, motioning for me to take it.

          The heat in my face doesn’t die down as I take it from him, typing in my number. He takes it back from me and turns to leave. As he walks, I notice him typing something out on his phone. As he rounds the corner and out of my line of sight, he puts his phone in his back pocket and my phone vibrates in my bag. As I sit in my desk for class, I look at my new message from the unknown number.

          “See you at lunch. X”


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