Monstrous Love – A Short Story: Chapter Six

Monstrous Love

Chapter Six – Leo

          School at Carol High School is probably the easiest thing in the world. The classes are simple and the teachers don’t care what you do as long as you do your work. So for the past week, the days had flown by. All of a sudden it’s Friday, and Jaxon and I have our first football game as Angels. It’s really too ironic.

          Throughout the week, Jaxon and Elizabeth have been practically inseparable, and have even given each other nicknames: Jax and Lizzie. Whereas Shay and I have been taking things at a more realistic pace. We text throughout the week, I walk with her during passing times, and we have lunch together. More accurately, I force Human food down my throat while Shay watches because she’s ‘on a diet.’ If she diets too hard, she might get sick, and then I’d be stuck with the two lovebirds.

          Friday night arrives quickly, and I hardly get a glimpse of Shay. Between our practices and homework, it felt like we never saw each other outside of school. As the team gets hyped up in the locker room, I hear the crowd getting pumped up by the cheerleaders. I can’t help but smile and think: that’s my girl.

          The team and I run out onto the field, and start the game. I try to focus on the game, but find myself getting distracted by each small glimpse I get of Shay. At the end of the first quarter, the score is 13:9, with the Angels in the lead. Smiling, I look over to the cheerleaders, seeing Shay standing at the top of a lift, foot raised high in the air.

          Second quarter begins, and I focus more on the game. Rather than trying to help our team win, I’m just trying to impress Shay. We set up for another run, and I sneak another peek at the cheerleaders. They are holding Shay up in what looks like a difficult cheer. All of a sudden, the world seems to go in slow motion around me. As the whistle blows to start, I notice Shay wobble. All of a sudden, she’s collapsing and the girls below her struggle to catch her. A cacophony of “Shay!”s echoes in my ears. The girls crowd around the passed out captain, and ignoring the yells from Coach, I find myself sprinting off the field and to her side on the track.

          “Shay, Shay! Wake up! Come on, look at me!” I whisper, cradling her in my arms as I stand up. “Sorry, Coach! I’m taking her home!” I yell to my dumbfounded coach. The game behind him standing at an awkward standstill, neither side sure what to do. Shay’s eyes flutter open slightly from my yelling.

          “Leo?” She mumbles.

          “Hey, I’m taking you home. Tell me where you live, okay?” I ask gently.

          “I live on Audra Street. It’s at the edge of the lake closest to the forest. Where those murdered girls showed up,” Shay trailed off, losing consciousness again.

          Oh God. She can’t mean the girls we killed earlier in the week, right? I thought to myself, picking up my walking speed to be that of a light run while still keeping Shay evenly balanced in my arms. As I made it to her house, I see police tape practically strewn across her front lawn. How could Jaxon and I not have noticed how close we were to someone’s home? Especially Shay’s!

          Stepping up onto her front porch, I’m welcomed to banging doors as Shay’s parents come blasting out of the house. Assumably, Elizabeth must have told them that I was coming. Shay is quickly removed from my arms and held by her father.

          “Thank you so much, dear,” Shay’s mother says, stepping up to me and placing her hand on my arms in comfort. Suddenly, she pulls away, hissing, “Vetala.”

          Whipping my head to look at her, my eyes open wide. “W-what?”

          “Get out of here. I should have known when those bodies showed up. Teen monsters that don’t know what they’re doing. Causing problems however the please. Leave this town, it’s ours,” the woman says, practically spitting at me in disgust.

          I stand there in shock for a second longer, attempting to process how in the world she was able to tell I was not Human. Her patience worn thin, I notice her face begin shifting, become a grotesque mouth that envelops her entire face. Stumbling backwards at the sight, I turn and run. I don’t stop until I make it all the way home, before collapsing in shock onto my bed. What’s going on?


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