Monstrous Love – A Short Story: Epilogue

Monstrous Love

Epilogue – Shay

          The school year passed by in a flash. Jaxon and Elizabeth are going steady, and David and Julie are finally beginning to accept that I’m dating a Vetala. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that they perceive themselves as higher than all others because we came first, or maybe it has do with the fact that they are playing adults while I play a teenager that we view things differently. Either way, they’re coming around.

          David has properly taught Leo and Jaxon how to scope out food that will be less noticeably missing as well as how to dispose of them in a way that would remain unnoticeable and harder to follow. We’ve even eaten in the presence of Leo and Jaxon.

          Throughout the entire year, Elizabeth has somehow managed to maintain her innocence and remained oblivious to everything around her. And now that graduation is almost upon us, I’m not really sure where us monsters stand in the world.

          Right now, I stand on stage, accepting my diploma. Rather than be in actual alphabetical order, Leo has somehow managed to come to stand next to me.

          “Shay Lanington.” Mr. Norton says my name, and I walk up to him. Shaking his hand and accepting my diploma, I only step a few feet away rather than heading back to my seat. He’s already moved on, and doesn’t notice my presence still there.

          “Leo Crucible.” Leo steps forward, and I look at the crowd, noticing Jaxon sneak over to the nearest door, locking it. David and Julie are also in their respective corners, locking their doors tightly. Grinning, I turn and nod at Leo.

          “Excuse me, Mr. Norton. May I?” he speaks, taking over the microphone. Confused, Mr. Norton steps backward a step, waiting for whatever Leo is to say next.

          “My dearest graduating class. It’s been a great world that I’ve gotten to share with you. And now, my girlfriend, Shay, and I would like to share ours with you.” I smile at the hoots and hollers that echo through the room. We are the power couple at school after all: head cheerleader and football jock.

          Turning to me, Leo holds out his hand. “Shall we get started?” I take it and he gently kisses me. Opening my eyes, we share a sweet smile before separating.

          “Let’s go,” I say, before turning to Mr. Norton. He looks at me, still confused as to what is going on. “Don’t worry, this’ll all be over soon.” With that, I pounce on him, shifting to my Leviathan form, devouring him whole. I hear the screams beginning, as Leo, Jaxon, David, and Julie begin attacking the rest of my classmates.

          We eat comfortably as the screaming echoes, students and parents banging on the doors to escape, but to no prevail. I see Julie making her way through the student section, only to see her come across a familiar face.

          “Elizabeth!” I yell, forgoing my meal in favor of rushing over to her. I pray that it’s not too late as Julie closes in. All of a sudden, Julie’s body goes flying away and I’m face to face with a evil looking best friend.

          “Why didn’t you invite the Lycanthrope to the party?” Elizabeth asks before morphing into a wolf-like creature and joining in on the fun. We feast together, and eventually no lives were left but our own.

          “So, now what?” Jaxon asks, surprising each of us.

          “Now, we’re on to the next one.” Leo says, intertwining my fingers with his own and smiling at our new, disjointed family.


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