About Me

My goal is to write one poem a day as well as describe the meaning and inspiration behind each poem. I hope to accomplish a better understanding of what it is like to write something new every day as well as enjoy writing poetry more. I think that poetry is a very easy way to express myself in any way I want.

I was assigned to make a Genius Hour Project in my creative writing class. Genius Hour is the time during the school day for students to specifically work on a project that reflects a passion. Part of this project is to blog about whatever activity was chosen. The assignment for this project is what motivated me. Without this assignment, I would never have thought to do such a project. My passion for this project comes from my enjoyment with writing poetry. I’ve always enjoyed it and find it relatively easily to write a decent one rather quickly. In addition, I’ve always wanted to know what it was like to keep a blog, but because I previously had nothing to blog about, I never went forward with it.

The most difficult part of this project will be setting time out each day to write a piece as well as blog about it. In just the few days that I have started, I already find myself remembering late at night that I haven’t written anything yet. I am afraid of people reading my writing. I don’t write personal things, but I always feel uncomfortable knowing people are reading something I created. What has kept me from doing this on my own is that I’ve never had the opportunity to actually share out in a more comfortable setting. Everyone here is probably just as nervous and uncomfortable, so my feelings are normal. I see myself overcoming my fear by becoming a better writer by writing everyday as well as forcing myself to go outside my box to share my poetry, even if it scares me. I will set an alarm each night to remind me to write a poem, so that I don’t forget and don’t have to write it when I remember in the early hours of the morning.

Here are a few examples of questions I will answer throughout my blog posts:

  • How many types of poetry are there?
  • How do I write different types?
  • How do others go about writing poetry/how are the inspired?
  • Where do people share their poetry other than online?
  • What is the difference between an open mic and a poetry slam?
  • What are the benefits of writing a poem a day?
  • Is writing a poem a day a waste of time?
  • What is the difference between writing a poem a day and writing from a prompt every day?
  • Is there any science or research as to why writing poetry is important?

Part of the assignment is to talk to an expert or professional, so I will post about my experiences talking to them, too. To find experts, I can find other bloggers who write poetry and get in contact with them about their poetry and also see if they will take a look at mine. I could find a mentor or expert through visiting with other poets at poetry slams or open mic nights. In addition, I can also look at other authors’ works who have published poetry for inspiration and style.